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Tuesday, 22 December 2015 00:00

2015, a great year to start Earth Educators!

2015, a great year to start Earth Educators!

Since we launched the corporation end of August this year, the response has been great! We learned, we thought, we laughed and we progressed. Our customers received workshops and coaching in Social Enterprise, Event Impact Measurement, Social Return on Investment and much more. We continue to support various entrepreneurs and non-profits.

Here are some highlights of 2015:

Sustainability Walk and Talk

We have had several meet up sessions and are current over 750 members and growing! The purpose is to keep people active through walking / exercise and discussing passions and ideas in the area of sustainability. It is also a great way to meet new people that have interests in the same area. You can sign up to the Meetup group here.


Great engagement from grade 4 through to adult learning this year. Especially the young ones come up with super ideas, solution and energy. Several of our workshops had great results; 90%+ of attendees rated a significant knowledge gain.

The attendees are also in the process of implementing what they learning through Social Return on investment, Event impact measurement or have set up their social enterprise.

Giving back

In November, we gave a free 4 hour workshop for students on Social Enterprise, how to design their own as part of a leadership program.

In December we collected winter gear for refugees that came into Calgary. We collected more than 50 garbage bags full, thanks to support from our community. A special thank you to University of Calgary as well as Parkdale Community Association!

Looking forward

We hope to continue the busy spirit in 2016 with workshops, coaching and consulting assignments, classroom programs, giving back and much more.

Key focus for 2016:

• Social Entrepreneurship Workshops at Elementary High schools and Universities as well as coaching non-profits.

• Social Return on investment workshop for non-profits and corporations and consulting on implementation of that process.

• Coaching on Event Impact measurements. How effective are your events?

• Implement a Sustainability Framework and execute our plan for internal improvements for carbon, waste and water reduction.

• Create new programs for elementary and high schools.

• Expand our online presence through webinar series.

Thanks for a great start,

Seema Jindal & Mark van Engelen

PS: Feel free to follow us on Twitter @eartheducators, Facebook or LinkedIn

Often I hear; “No, I wish!” or “Wow, I would like to.”...

That is because impact measurement of projects and programs is becoming more common in non-profits, funding and investing agencies, governmental departments, etc., however events often miss that boat.

Many organisations use events to make an impact to their target audience. However if you are not measuring the impact, how can you truly tell that it has made a difference? Qualitative information only gets you so far.

Before measuring the impact of an event a strategy should be defined to envision the ultimate outcome the organization wants to create. It can be started by addressing key questions such as:

- How does it contribute to networking?

- What knowledge is it trying to increase?

- What awareness is it trying to raise?

- Is new thinking or dialogue started?

Once it is understood what impact is desired to be created, the event can be designed around that. For example; if the event strategic objective is focused on new thinking and dialogue a large portion of the event will be interactive in order to achieve that.

Part of the design is to define what, how and when you will measure impacts in the following areas:

- Economic,

- Environmental,

- Social

Executing the event is key to the success, however strategizing, aligning and capturing the actual outcomes is the key to capture the true impact.

Would you like to know how to measure the impact of events?

Earth Educators Inc. can provide your organisation with education on the process steps using practical examples and exercises. Really understanding what and how to do it, to allow the organisation to implement it. Please contact Earth Educators or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or my colleague Seema Jindal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to understand more.

I hope to see many organisations start to capture the true impact of their events in the near future!


Mark van Engelen