What is it? - Summary

An introduction to renewable energy and the role it can play in Alberta's energy future.

Why? - Description

The workshop will provide students an overview of the Alberta Energy Mix and highlight the various types like hydro, solar, wind, geothermal, coal, etc and why we need to reduce our energy consumption in North America through energy efficiency. There will be a bit of theory to set the basics but the objective is an interactive session with a game and an exercise at the end. Each age group will get exercises approriate to their curriculum.

Who? - Audience

Elementary: Grade 1 - 6, Junior High: Grade 7 - 9

How? - Format and duration

Format can be Classroom or Online

Duration of this work shop is 1 hour

Workshop objectives and outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop the attendants will be able to:

• Understand basic renewable types, the energy mix in Alberta and why that needs to change in the future.

• Apply this knowledge to the Alberta curriculum.

• Assess opportunities for energy efficiency improvements in Alberta through exercises.

When? - Scheduling and Logistics

To be completed soon.


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