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This is an online course and Earth Educators makes use of its own Webinar platform. Earth Educators will be the moderator on the online platform.

The following courses are available in a 1.5 hour online format:

Webinar Topic Description
Introduction to Social Return on Investment. Bite size introduction to SROI along with explanation of best practices with examples  
SROI Webinar: Establishing scope and identifying stakeholders.   Deep dive into the challenges and opportunities of proper stakeholder management; inclusion and non-inclusion of stakeholders; Scope setting in terms of what is to be measured and recorded
SROI Webinar: Mapping outcomes and indicators. (Divided into 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each)   Understanding impact map, indicators, proxies and more in more detail. Focused how best to capture inputs, outputs and outcomes for the purpose of SROI.  
SROI Webinar: Evidencing outcomes and giving them a value.   Focus on outcome indicators, outcome data and how to put a value on the outcome.  
SROI Webinar: Establishing impact. Deep dive onto deadweight, displacement, attribution and calculating your impact.  
SROI Webinar: Reporting, using and embedding   Deep dive on reporting, processes, guidelines and stakeholder focused reporting.  
SROI Webinar: Data collection.   Designing the data collection process and collect remaining information.  
Evaluative Thinking & Assessments   Introduction to this key ingredient of evaluation capacity, using practical examples.  

The workshops are designed to work for a maximum of 20 people.
A webinar on Introduction to SROI does not have any prerequisites. Since SROI follows project management style, it is sequential. Participants who have attended in class Deep Dive Workshop in the past are free to choose the topics they would like to explore further from the list of webinars. For those attending for the first time, Introduction to SROI would be a start point.
Current issues will be discussed, best practice and techniques shared and lots of industry specific examples explored.

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